Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range of your products?

Jilco has a wide variety of price points, all of which have been choosen based on design and value. Value pertaining to great quality and features at the best price. Design pertaining to the most desirable aesthetic trends and offering great functional touches of full extension soft close wood drawers and soft close door hinge options available across all lines. While having access of Stock to Semi-custom and Full custom cabinetry gives us the product flexibility needed to serve the individuals needs at the right price.

What does frameless mean? What are framed cabinets?

Frameless is a term used to describe a method of cabinet construction. It is also called euro-style and more appropriately, full access. Frameless cabinetry can be old world traditional or ultra contemporary in style. Typical American cabinetry has a 3/4″ to 1/2″ thick box with a 1 ½” wide wood framework attached to the front. The doors are then attached to this framework. Frameless cabinetry is built with 5/8 to 3/4″ thick panel material, and without a face frame on the face of the cabinet box. The doors are hinged directly to the cabinet side wall. A visual characteristic of frameless is the very narrow (1/8 or less), spacing or reveal between adjacent doors and drawers. The benefits of frameless construction are the increased usable storage access with wider drawers and doors within the same footprint of space, and Frameless also offers a true full overlay look. Even narrow drawer cabinets become functioning storage. Unlike face frame cabinetry, there is no frame work diminishing the cabinet opening or creating an obstruction.

How does your cabinetry compare with custom built cabinets?

Custom is a misused term, and does not necessarily refer to better quality, but more to being built to fit. All of Jilco’s products through all price points maintain a very high quality level with respect to materials, workmanship, and finishes. And within a high-tech factory setting, these levels of quality can be maintained consistently. Furthermore, we only have made to order cabinetry that builds cabinets when designed orders are received. The level of customization flexibility may have a range from simple size changes to full-out customized components depending on the specific customer’s needs.

What is the benefit of a Kitchen and Bath dealer versus a Home Store?

Remodeling and Construction can be an involved process, but our one-stop approach simplifies things dramatically, eliminating the hassles, while saving time and money. Because every aspect of the project is planned for simultaneously, everything progresses and comes together smoothly, into a cohesive, complete whole – It’s a business model that few companies have adopted, but a process Jilco has perfected to provide clients a smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable experience.

What kinds of projects has Jilco Kitchen and Bath completed?

Jilco has worked in some of the finest residences and properties through the Charleston and surrounding areas. The projects cover a broad range, from simple installs to complex. View the gallery to get a feel for the scope of work or visit the showroom to see many more.

Do you only do kitchens and baths?

We do have a great depth of experience in kitchens and bathrooms, large and small. But we also offer Commercial cabinet and countertop products for the office workplace and medical up fits. We have many up fit contractors in the area that have been using Jilco in this capacity with the same great results.

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